How to Use (Alpha)

Here you can find how to request a development of Smart Contracts, and how to use the Bepro.Network product

1) Decide which product you want to build

Before requesting any development in the bepro-js system please make sure you have a full understanding of what you want to build, and if there are similar systems in the market (if there aren't this could also be a good sign, since innovation normally comes from this).

We recommend

Create a google document where you can setup all the product information where the spec list is very well defined and create with the goal of understand all the actions in the transaction process proposed for your business model

2) Understand the budget you should consider for this feature

Once you are sure of the needs you require for this platform please look into previous features shown in the platform and understand which price you should consider, values for bounties can be in $BEPRO, $USDC or $USDT. This applies to the current Alpha version as well as the version on the mainnet deployment once the system is available to use.

3) Open a Github Issue with the proposed information

Go to our webpage and open an issue. Here you will find 2 options, where you should pick Place a Bounty

Choose Place a Bounty

After clicking on Get Started you will open a new page where you will see a page where you already have a template on how to create new features - there you can fill the gaps at <!-- XXX ->

Don't forget to add in the Labels (right side) the bounty value, example "100k $BEPRO"

After all of this is done the result should look something like this

4) Wait for a developer assignment & inform them in the development channel

Wait for an assignment from a developer of the network or search proactively for a developer in the group.

Developer should inform directly in the issue

5) Start Development & Continue the conversation on Github & other platforms

The development of the feature should be done via a fork of bepro-js

Create a simple contract with your developer via telegram or slack and keep the communication open and healthy while providing regular updates on the Github Issue

6) Get your Front End Team to Test & Integrate

At this moment you should already have a usable version of your feature, so your Front End Engineers could already plugin the javascript SDK of the Smart Contract directly via a simple npm add

This way you will be able to start the integration process of all the frameworks available.

7) Once finalized and happy with the result

Once you are happy with all the development features required, please process the payment to the developer in question (if not done prior) - andask for a Pull Request to the main repository so that the Bepro.Network can provide Reputation Points to the developer that will later be used to provide grants and premium services via the webapp.

These reputation points are being taken as fixed value, of 1 rep point per issue solved, and being stored internally only for the bepro brand calculations - our goal is to later provide grants for development and use these rep points in order to prioritize and dictate value of previous developers which already gave value to the network/bepro-js.