Protocol Workflow

How does the Protocol work? A flow over all actions

The Bepro Network Protocol was created with a focus on a decentralized decision-making process over the codebase evolution on any project.

  • All the "Period" Frameworks are taken within X days (these values are changable via Governance) decisions over $BEPRO holders in the protocol for v2 - by default on

    • Redeem Period : 1 day

    • Dispute Period : 3 days

  • Some Actions are taken manually by certain actors over the Protocol

    • Operator (Owner of the Bounty)

      • "Bounty Created"

      • "Bounty Canceled"

      • "Bounty Flagged as Finalized"

    • Curator (Holder)

      • "Peer Review" - Code Peer Review

      • "Dispute Period" - Dispute Action Over Proposals

      • "Dispute Mechanism" - V2 - $BEPRO Bonding

    • Council (Holder)

      • "Council Process" - Creation of Distribution Proposals

    • Any Entity - Technical Aspect

      • "Development Process" - Actual Development of the certain bounty solution

      • "Bounty Distribution" - Trigger a Smart Contract Bounty Distribution - depends on internal automatic parameters - flags off-chain filtering as closed

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