Create your NFT Art Gallery

A simple NFT Collectibles contract where you can create a limited set of NFTs available


  • All NFTs have the same price setPricePerPack

  • All NFTS are identified via the metadata via a baseURI & tokenURI

  • You can create an unlimited Amount of Packs or unlimited by providing limitedAmount as 0

  • You can set the tokenBaseURI Information Metadata for each NFT at setBaseTokenURI if you want all the NFTs to have the same base structure - example

    • This will make the tokenID the suffix of the baseURI - for example for the NFT number 1, the tokenURI will be - structure as baseURI + tokenURI

    • Ensure the API returns data structures similar to this one

    • This will make systems such as opensea automatically gather the metadata for your NFT directly from your API

  • You can also set each one independently via the call setTokenURI({tokenID, URI}) - this will make it abandon the baseURI standard - structure as tokenURI

const { ERC721Collectibles } = require("bepro-js");

let erc721Contract = new ERC721Collectibles({
 opt : { web3Connection : '' }

// Deploy
const res = await erc721Contract.deploy({
    name: "Art | BEPRO",
    symbol: "B.E.P.R.O",
    limitedAmount: 100,
    erc20Purchase: "0xDAI_ADDRESS", // tokenAddress,
    feeAddress: "0xFEE_ADDRESS", // substitute with a given address for the purchase of the pack

// Assert Information - if already deployed 
await erc721Contract.__assert();

// Set Pack Price
await erc721Contract.setPricePerPack({newPrice : 1000 /* $1000 DAI */});

// Access methods
let contractAddress = erc721Contract.getAddress();

Looking for more functions?

See all available functions here

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