How to Contribute

Develop in solidity/javascript & receive $BEPRO based on your value to each bounty!


Contributions are welcome, but we ask new contributors to read existing code guidelines, specially the code format. Please review Contributor guidelines


1) Check the Protocol for open bounties available

2) Click on "Start Working"

3) Develop the specific bounty following the standards and communicate with other developers in Discord

DONT FORGET TO : Follow the Standard Object Development Guidelines

4) After Finalizing the Development alone or with other developers in your own Fork Propose the Pull Request via the interface like below

5) Now the creator of the bounty has to verify if the PR fulfills the goals of the bounty. After verifying it goes into the distribution stage, here Curators & Council will determine the % of the bounty going to each developer. Follow the process in Discord & receive your bounty payment! 🎉



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